10 cents off

I realized something today. Part of Stacey and I’s commitment to this project is to bring a travel mug with us when we visit coffee shops instead of using the disposable cups they give you. Just another way to lessen waste. I can’t say I’ve done this every single time I’ve gone to Starbucks, but I am getting back into the habit with it. And I realized something today. If you bring your own mug, Starbucks gives you 10 cents off your coffee purchase. Now, wooptie-woo, 10 whole cents, but really its a nice gesture. And if you put all those 10 cent discounts together for all the coffee purchased from people who bring in their own mug, I’m sure that is a chunk of change for a cooperation as large as Starbucks. That made me feel good about going there today. That they are thinking about the environment. Think about doing the same!


One comment

  1. Lauren · April 11, 2010

    i brought my mug to starbucks this morning for my coffee! yipee!

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