I cheated. I bought something new.

Here’s how it went down:

I’m producing/filming a documentary on Mike’s band Check in the Dark (awesome band, check out their new iphone app or website, They are also working with Leighton Meester (of Gossip Girl) as her acoustic band and she suggested that she join them for their gig last night and play a few of the songs they’ve been working on together. “Great! Another cool thing to add to the documentary,” I think. But as I go to grab a tape to record, I realize I’m out. Now, this all happened very last minute and as its only a few hours before I have to tape, so I don’t have much time to think of what my other options could be and I’d like to think that there actually could be some. I cave. I swipe my debit card and buy a nice, plastic wrapped 3 pack. First glitch.


One comment

  1. A Year of Nothing New · April 9, 2010

    You bad girl!!!!Honestly, this is a hard one… but I truly think you get a pass since it was a last minute "work-related" purchase. If you had more time, I'm sure you would have found a creative solution… just don't let it happen again! 🙂 ~Stacey

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