I bought dirt.

To be more accurate… I bought (in bulk) topsoil, mushroom compost, and mulch. I had a moment of hesitation over this purchase while pondering the question: Does dirt count as something new? And along the same line of thinking: Do flowers, plants and/or vegetable seeds/starts count as a new purchases?

I came to this definitive conclusion: No!

Which is good news for my garden. I welcome opposing opinions but here’s my reasoning:

• Buying dirt, seeds, plants, or flowers are all natural and, although cultivated, are not manufactured products
• I am resolved to only purchase products that are organic and from purveyors who take care not to harm the environment through their development or sale
• The vegetables and herbs grown in my garden will be used to feed my family’s bodies and the flowers to feed our spirits

(OK… that last point is a little cheesy, but I’ll sleep well tonight knowing that I’ve stayed true to this project while doing two of my favorite things: playing in the dirt and beautifying my environment!)


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