Moving and Moving the Crap Out

I’m moving. Next week. And with moving comes reflection, and not the peaceful kind. I find myself saying, “WHY THE HECK DO I HAVE ALL THIS STUFF???” on multiple occasions. And as I sort through it all, I’m much less attached to any of it. Things I’ve been carrying on from move to move that I’ve never used, or things I haven’t worn in a while are all getting tossed into the ‘donation box.’ With pleasure. And without a second thought.

Tonight, Mike and I are headed to the half-off sale at the thrift store to try to find a computer desk, dining room table, a lazy boy chair, and possibly an area rug. And I’m stoked. Its such a fun thing…hunting through stuff at thrift stores. And even more exciting when things that are already really cheap are even cheaper. I really have grown to love having an eclectic style with stuff that mismatches but goes together. I like finding things with character and history. Wish us luck! Hope we hit the jackpot.


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