Snowbound & Down

For the last six days I have been virtually trapped in my house due to the two-plus feet of snow that continues to fall on Pittsburgh and my city’s inability to efficiently clear the streets. I ventured out a few times (both on foot and by car) but for the most part I’ve been passing the time by reading, practicing yoga, writing, watching movies, listening to music, and relaxing. It’s been a time of true reflection.

It’s also been great for this project. With no temptation (or ability) to go out and shop, I’ve had a chance to really take inventory of the stuff in my life. The guitars I barely play anymore, the Rosetta Stone (Spanish addition) I had to have– but barely use, the CD’s, DVD’s, books, plays, magazines that are now more decorations than constructive tools employed in my everyday life.

So, I’ve decided to go through my belongings and as we remodel our home, I plan to donate or sell ANYTHING that hasn’t been used (by me or Brian) in over a year. I will keep you updated on the tally (and let you know what Brian thinks of this brilliant idea).


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