A Piggyback on Reflection

I sat down to write something else this morning, but I just read Stacey’s last post and it got me thinking. Now winter in California looks nothing like her photo, but its still a time when its cooler and people aren’t running to the beach in groups or hosting many cookouts. People stay home more. And I’ve been staying home a lot. I’ve found this winter to be extremely reflective and I think that is largely due to this project.

I am so appreciative of the time I’ve had not running around, exhausting myself shopping and I think I’m also encouraged to do less. I’m not going out to dinner or drinks with friends as much or seeing as many movies…not that people are bad, but I’ve really enjoyed coming home. I’ve enjoyed being protective of my time and the people I do fill in it. I’ve been writing more. Reading more. Sleeping more. And it feels really good. Really peaceful.

I also cleaned closets again this weekend and took a few more bags to goodwill. Feels good to have space. 🙂


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