Stacey’s Visit

Stacey and Katie (the computer giver) were just here to visit. It was fabulous to meet Katie, who is a solid gold person. And the three of us had nothing but fun.

Stacey, Katie, and I(and Brian, Stacey’s hubbie)had a wonderful weekend doing lots of yoga, laughing, eating and drinking wine…which is what Stacey and I’s trips usually involve. I really value that our time together doesn’t involve shopping and purchasing or spending time anywhere near retail. Instead, our friendship is centered around activity, talks, and nourishing our bodies with food and exercise. (Maybe not the wine.) 🙂 I think its why the two of us are such great friends and have such a strong friendship, even after not having lived in the same city over the last 7 years. I encourage you all as the weather gets better to pick more activities with friends that involve sitting and talking or riding bikes. Its good for the soul. And your friendship.

I also had people over for dinner again on Monday evening for the holiday. I’m learning that its a huge way to give and show love to my friends in the ways I used to with material gifts. And it gets everyone together, which is never a bad thing.

On a side note and with summer approaching…I am getting the itch for new, cute yoga tops…and I hope I’m not stealing this post from you, Stacey. But I’ve been taking a lot more yoga classes and with being single and going through this break up, I’m looking around in class and guiltily thinking…I want a cute top like her! I want! I want! It will pass. But its a little challenge I’m facing.


One comment

  1. Norma G Smith · June 16, 2010

    eBay for Lululemon tops (used)! ❤

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