Four-Eyed Freak

I knew this day would come.

It was inevitable, really.

My mom, dad, and brother all wear glasses. Growing up, we even had a collie that would have benefited greatly from corrective lenses.

Poor vision just runs in our family. So, when I started to have trouble seeing road signs while driving at night, I knew I had to go to the eye doctor.

The diagnosis was as expected: “Slightly nearsighted. Nothing glasses can’t correct.”

After the examination, I was taken to the front of the office to select my frames. As I was looking at the designer styles it hit me… I can’t buy new glasses. So, I asked the “framing specialist” to direct me to the section of frames that my insurance would fully cover. She looked disappointed and reluctantly led me to a small shelf containing exactly two frames: one labeled “men’s” the other branded “women’s”. This made the choice easy. I selected the “women’s” option and declined to even try them on.

I waited for my prescription to be filled and wore my glasses home.

And, WOW… it was like the world was suddenly being broadcast in high definition. I no longer cared that I was wearing generic frames. I was just happy to see things for what the really are. Clarity is a powerful thing!


One comment

  1. Jenn · March 19, 2010

    Aw … but you look cute!

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