Nothing is Everything

Nothing huge to report, but I wanted to check in.

My bud James asked me the other day how “Year of Nothing New” was going. I honestly forgot for a moment that I was even doing it.

It’s just a way of life for me now and only after a few months. Its become a habit to look for things used or talking myself out of needing something in the first place. I don’t put myself in situations where I’ll be tempted to make exceptions. I have more time for people in my life and activities cause I’m shopping less. And most importantly, I have a greater appreciation for what I do have.

I even like my clothes now. I know that sounds stupid, but for as long as I can remember, a “going out” night has always consisted of me saying, “Ah, man. I have NOTHING to wear.” I think this has something to do with the overstimulation of constantly bringing new things to my wardrobe. Somehow it never seemed enough. Which makes no sense, but we women can all relate to the “Ah, man. I have NOTHING to wear” feeling, knowing quite well that we absolutely do have tons to wear and in abundance.

After limiting purchases and getting rid of stuff, now, when I go to my closet, I’m like, “This dress is cute…or…I haven’t worn this one in a while!…” It’s an amazing feeling to love what you have and actually wear it.

So in this year of nothing new, the nothing has meant everything to me and my spirit. And being reunited with my cute clothes!



  1. Lauren · March 18, 2010

    Just reading the blog has helped me think before I buy. The other day I purchased my first iPod ever (an iTouch to be specific), thinking I would use it for teaching yoga and checking email so i would stop lugging my computer and cd's everywhere all the time. I was torn with purchasing it new or used and I regret to say I bought it new. I justified my reasons as such: it would have cost the same in the end to buy the accessories that come with it since buying it used only gave you the iPod itself; when all is said and done with shipping and handling it would have cost the same; and it is such an expensive item that i wanted to make sure i had it under warranty if something happened to it.The point is: i stopped and thought at least before i bought!

  2. A Year of Nothing New · March 19, 2010

    Lauren… thanks for sharing this. I think it's really cool that you paused, thought, and then bought! ~Stacey

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