Yamas for instagramI wanted a real/relatable book about the Yamas and Niyamas (yoga’s moral codes) so I wrote it! YOGA’S YAMAS and NIYAMAS – 10 Principles for Peace & Purpose is available on Amazon!

(For those of you in LA, I make more money if you buy from me directly and will charge you less – $15.)

The Yamas and Niyamas are yoga’s essential, ethical principles. The Yamas (how to treat  others) and the Niyamas (how to care for yourself) include values such as peace, truth, gratitude, and contentment and make life more manageable and meaningful.

In the book, I explain what each principle is, offer ways to practice it, and include a personal essay about how I overcame something hard by applying yoga’s philosophy’s wisdom. (So you’ll find out about all the ways I messed up, got stuck, or decided to change something. 😬.) These principles have helped me so much, and I hope they help you!

ahimsa youtube

Also available are free yoga workout videos to physically embody these principles on YouTube!

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