My New Target

So, I have to admit,I had a brief moment of panic when I started thinking about all the stuff Mike and I would “need” for our new place we are moving to in April. Things like kitchen towels, rugs, a microwave, toaster, a coffee table, a kitchen table…just all the basic house stuff which neither of us have. (We’ve been living with roommates who have these things.)I was about 90% sure that I’d be writing a confession post about how I had to run out to my local Target to purchase these items. But alas, I’ve figured out a way around it.

Over the weekend, I visited St. Vincent’s De Paul in Lincoln Heights,, and oh, my goodness…I struck gold. I’ve always been a “thrifter,” but this place far surpassed my expectations. It was a warehouse and the best organized thrift store I’ve been to yet. For 20 bucks, I walked out with kitchen towels, pot holders, rugs, pillow cases, kitchen stuff, etc. And when Mike and I are ready to pick up the big stuff like tables and chairs, guess where we are headed?!

For all you Los Angeleans, please check it out! You’ll need a good few hours. I spent the first hour just walking around, completely overwhelmed!

I encourage you all to look at your options when you need a common household item. There are so many available in thrift stores and we shouldn’t keep manufacturing more of what is already in our consumer system.


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