Asking for Help

I’m not a person who generally asks for help. I’m a bit stubborn sometimes, thinking I can and should do everything for myself. Now, this goes against all my thoughts on community and a give/take relationship with other people and the world. I enjoy helping out friends. I like doing things for my boyfriend, etc., etc. But when it comes to asking others, sometimes I’m a bit shy or feel undeserving.

I ran into my first, ‘WHAT DO I DO?’ moment on Friday. See, I’ve been working on a film for a year and a half and the director, Cory and I were to go to the sound studio to pick up the final version of our picture/sound, and I needed to bring a few DVD-R’s to burn the movie on. As I was hanging up the phone with Cory, I said, “Sure! I’ll pick up some DVD-R’s on my way over,” not thinking anything of it. And when I hung up the phone, I went, “Oh, no…but I can’t buy anything new.”

I instantly started reassuring myself that it was fine to make this exception…’I’ve been working on this project for so long…this is my work’…etc. But then I looked at the situation. I decided to really try to think it through. And I realized that my roommate Eric might have a few DVD-R’s that I could have. So I asked…for help…”Sure!” he said, “I have like 50. I’ll totally give you a few.”

‘Wow.’ I thought. If it wasn’t for this project, I never would have looked at this option. Its amazing the resources and help we have around us…if we’d only just look around and ask.


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