Enough is enough for me

Day 7 and a week in! I’m doing good.

So strange…I was standing in line at the grocery store last night, and I don’t know how to really describe this, but I’m looking at the stuff they have by the registers…the last minute stuff they get you to buy. The stuff that makes you go, “Oooo! yeah. I need that!” …the stand with the razors and gum, the magazines and dental floss, and phone cards… And I started staring at this stuff like I was an alien or the stuff was alien to me.
And I just got offended for a minute. I was standing there, offended because whoever set up this stand thought that my shopping wasn’t good enough. Like they were saying to me, “Hey, Dumb-o, you forgot this, or you didn’t buy up to the American standard. We need you to buy more.”
But the truth is, I got the milk and cheese I needed. And I don’t need your stupid beef jerky or advil.
And in the midst of my staring, the kind gentleman behind me had to nudge me and tell me it was my turn to pay. I wonder what he thought I was thinking about.
Enough is enough for me, I guess.

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