I Shop Like a Dude Now

I don’t mean to be boring, but it’s Day 5 and this has not been a challenge for me at all. I hope you 6 followers aren’t sitting at the edge of your seats, hoping I’ll slip up or binge shop, or whatever else I could do to screw this up. Now, that being said, it still is only Day 5, and anything can still happen.

On another note, I do need to say that this process is exceeding all expectations of what I thought it would mean to me. I am looking at it on a much larger scale, not only at the material things that come in and out of my life. This project has me thinking about all the excess in my life. In a fabulous way. For example, I realized that the phone plan Mike and I share has 1400 minutes. And that seems like a hell of a lot. So I called Verizon this morning, and realized we’d only been using 300-some minutes between the two of us. Incredible! So, I downsized to the 700 minute plan, and am saving us 20 bucks a month. Not bad.
I feel so expansive. So free. It sounds silly, but I really feel like I have this whole weight off my shoulders. Like I have less to do because I have less to buy and carry around with me. I wasn’t expecting this at all. Last night, I went to Big Lots to buy wine (In California, Big Lots has tons of $3-4 bottles of California wine.) In the past, I would have picked up the wine and then walked up and down the aisles looking for whatever else I might need. But I can’t buy any of that stuff any more, so I walked in, got my wine, and walked out. Like a dude would. Guys, for the most part, go into a store, get what they need, and get out. And I love that. I love my new dude way of shopping.

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