theStations is Complete!

STATION FOURTEEN: Cavale is the one to realize her own dream; she is her savior.

STATION FOURTEEN: Cavale is the one to realize her own dream; she is her savior.

…well kinda. I’ve completed, where you’ll find Sam Shepard’s play Cowboy Mouth broken into 14 digestible episodes (a video and prayer for each). I’ve been posting one station a month, and now they are all up for you to nibble on or binge watch in full.

I’m calling them “stations” because I’ve borrowed the Catholic storytelling form of the Stations of the Cross, which tells the story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection via 14 art pieces. Around Lent, Catholics walk these 14 pieces and reflect on Jesus’ journey. I’m not Catholic, and I’m not comparing my work to the divine, but I’ve always loved this idea of physically traveling through story and I thought it would be an interesting way to share theater. I also wanted to experiment with making theater accessible at any time on any kind of device.

I’ll be back around Lent, to launch a YouTube campaign of the project, where I’ll post one station a day on a channel. I hope you’ll follow it and help me share it as it unfolds. I need your help doing so! For now, please log on to the project’s website and experience a play I love, which is all about realizing your own dreams.

the Stations

photo by Jamie Chura

photo by Jamie Chura

I am proud to present my latest project: theStations,

For years, theater has brought us together using characters and plot to unmask how we think and feel about our own lives. But the form needs to evolve with its audience. theStations is an experiment, an electronic experience of the play Cowboy Mouth, written by Sam Shepard and Patti Smith in 1971.

The play is about a girl who thinks rock ‘n roll is the new way to connect and console people like religion once had. So she kidnaps a guy to make him into a rock ‘n roll savior, but then realizes it is she who must realize her own dream.

the Stations borrows the ritual of The Stations of the Cross, 14 artistic depictions of Jesus’ journey to crucifixion, for reflection on each part of the play. A station is posted monthly, using original imagery, music, and prayer and is accessible on any device at any time.

His Name Should Be Michael to be read as a part of LA’s Barefoot Theatre’s Reading Series

barefoot reading series

Taking up residency at the Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles, California, NYC’s Barefoot Theatre Company presents the Inaugural West Coast presentation of the bareNaked Reading Series (no sets, no props, just words).

The evenings will feature new plays from emerging and established playwrights followed by a Q&A, Live Music and Free Drinks.

My one-act His Name Should Be Michael will be a part of the Thursday, February 24 evening at 8 p.m. Don’t miss it!