Like the Penguins

Written by Courtney Seiberling

Directed by Cory Benjamin

Director of Photography – Melissa Vilardo

Starring Eric Kilpatrick and Michael Frieman

Synopsis: On what appears to be an ordinary day, the kind where people try their best to avoid one another, Jay waits alone at a bus stop for the woman he intends to marry. Enter Martin, just a guy on his morning commute and the only other person around.

Standing at the crossroads of his past and future, images of Jay’s previous relationships haunt his present, propelling him to reveal his convoluted story to Martin.

Challenging ideas on love and survival, Jay begins to wonder: If people claim to want love so much, why do they try so little? And after having seen the darker sides of love, is it possible that maybe, just maybe, there is a light of hope in finding something real?


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