Dream Confessional at Burning Man

Dream Confessional

dream confessional at Burning Man

At Burning Man, I built a Dream Confessional with Nikolai Giefer. In the deep playa, he routed people to come talk to me and I sat with over one hundred people from all over the world. I asked each of them to close their eyes, think of their greatest hope or dream, and when they felt they really had it, to open their eyes and write this hope or dream on a card. Then, we spoke about the things that were in their hearts: fears, joys, weaknesses, aspirations, peace for countries in conflict, all kinds of things. I would ask each person what was in their way of realizing their dream, how they could shift things in their life to make what they wanted possible. Many times, they were the one in their own way. What struck me was that even though each person had something different to say, it was all rooted in humanity, that even though each one of us is so different, we are so much the same.


IMG_8741I took all the cards home with me and they now sit in a jar on my desk (complete with playa dust!) Every now and then, I will read the cards and think of the moments I shared with these people, send each of them a little love and hope that they are closer to these hopes and dreams. This project was a dream for me and exceeded all my expectations. #burningman



the Stations

photo by Jamie Chura

photo by Jamie Chura

I am proud to present my latest project: theStations, www.thestationsproject.com.

For years, theater has brought us together using characters and plot to unmask how we think and feel about our own lives. But the form needs to evolve with its audience. theStations is an experiment, an electronic experience of the play Cowboy Mouth, written by Sam Shepard and Patti Smith in 1971.

The play is about a girl who thinks rock ‘n roll is the new way to connect and console people like religion once had. So she kidnaps a guy to make him into a rock ‘n roll savior, but then realizes it is she who must realize her own dream.

the Stations borrows the ritual of The Stations of the Cross, 14 artistic depictions of Jesus’ journey to crucifixion, for reflection on each part of the play. A station is posted monthly, using original imagery, music, and prayer and is accessible on any device at any time.

The Night Girl – in production

night girl

We are halfway through shooting Desert Palm Productions of The Night Girl, a short film based on the feature length Night Girl by Greg Anderson.  The story is about a young woman, Thena, coming into herself as an artist after denying/avoiding her true calling because of a troubled relationship with her father. I star as Thena; Paul Gunn, as Mitchell; directed by Greg Anderson; produced by Don Laikowski; and shot by DP Dan Hertzog. The premiere is scheduled for October in Las Vegas!