The Night Girl – in production

night girl

We are halfway through shooting Desert Palm Productions of The Night Girl, a short film based on the feature length Night Girl by Greg Anderson.  The story is about a young woman, Thena, coming into herself as an artist after denying/avoiding her true calling because of a troubled relationship with her father. I star as Thena; Paul Gunn, as Mitchell; directed by Greg Anderson; produced by Don Laikowski; and shot by DP Dan Hertzog. The premiere is scheduled for October in Las Vegas!

His Name Should Be Michael to be read as a part of LA’s Barefoot Theatre’s Reading Series

barefoot reading series

Taking up residency at the Art of Acting Studio in Los Angeles, California, NYC’s Barefoot Theatre Company presents the Inaugural West Coast presentation of the bareNaked Reading Series (no sets, no props, just words).

The evenings will feature new plays from emerging and established playwrights followed by a Q&A, Live Music and Free Drinks.

My one-act His Name Should Be Michael will be a part of the Thursday, February 24 evening at 8 p.m. Don’t miss it!

Five Leaves Left Book Release Party!

Join Courtney, Josh, and Neal for a double release party from 4 to 8:30 p.m. on Saturday, July 17 at Cinema Bar, 3967 Sepulveda Boulevard, in Culver City! Courtney’s first book, Five Leaves Left, inspired by Nick Drake’s album of the same title and Josh and Neal’s band For the Kings will release their long awaited first album. Both will be available for purchase.  Books will be available for purchase online, as part of the A Place to Be and Additions of You Project. Stay tuned!

There’s a grill out back and we’ll be bringing food. If anyone wants something specific, please bring it and we will burn it!

4:30 p.m.: Courtney’s portion begins and will feature friends covering the songs of Nick Drake as well as a reading from her book.

6 p.m. Jamie Drake plays

7 p.m: For the Kings (Josh & Neal) play

(And if all this isn’t exciting enough, there is a rumor that Faith Carr will be in town.)

Come celebrate with us!
Courtney, Josh, and Neal

Is An Upgrade Really Upgrading Anything?

My friend Monica just made fun of me for my phone. Which is appropriate. :)Look to the left, and you’ll see a picture of my model.

In an age of iphones, I guess my phone is a little sad. Now, I don’t mind it so much. It does what I need it to do…call people, text people. I don’t have email on it, but I actually really appreciate that disconnect. But the trouble is, Verizon keeps messaging me that I am up for an upgrade and they keep tempting me with amazing deals and discounts and coupons. Any other year, as soon as I got the first message for an upgrade, I would have run to Verizon without even thinking of it. But now, that I am thinking of it, I think how silly that really is and how many old, perfectly good phones I have laying around. My phone works just fine. The buttons are getting a little worn and harder to press, but the phone is still doing its job.

Think of how many of us rush to get whatever phone is bigger and better when we have a perfectly adequate phone in hand already. It saddens me to think of how wasteful that is…to our environment and our sensibilities.

Next time you get that “you are up for an upgrade” message from your phone company, think about it. What are you really upgrading? And what are you wasting?


Stacey’s Visit

Stacey and Katie (the computer giver) were just here to visit. It was fabulous to meet Katie, who is a solid gold person. And the three of us had nothing but fun.

Stacey, Katie, and I(and Brian, Stacey’s hubbie)had a wonderful weekend doing lots of yoga, laughing, eating and drinking wine…which is what Stacey and I’s trips usually involve. I really value that our time together doesn’t involve shopping and purchasing or spending time anywhere near retail. Instead, our friendship is centered around activity, talks, and nourishing our bodies with food and exercise. (Maybe not the wine.) 🙂 I think its why the two of us are such great friends and have such a strong friendship, even after not having lived in the same city over the last 7 years. I encourage you all as the weather gets better to pick more activities with friends that involve sitting and talking or riding bikes. Its good for the soul. And your friendship.

I also had people over for dinner again on Monday evening for the holiday. I’m learning that its a huge way to give and show love to my friends in the ways I used to with material gifts. And it gets everyone together, which is never a bad thing.

On a side note and with summer approaching…I am getting the itch for new, cute yoga tops…and I hope I’m not stealing this post from you, Stacey. But I’ve been taking a lot more yoga classes and with being single and going through this break up, I’m looking around in class and guiltily thinking…I want a cute top like her! I want! I want! It will pass. But its a little challenge I’m facing.


It’s New To Me!

I was shocked, appalled, and absolutely ashamed when I realized that it has been nearly a month since my last post.

(Sorry Court, for making you float the blog for most of May.)

But I’m happy to report I’ve been good. I haven’t slipped, not once this month.

Until recently, I’ve been too busy with the remodel to even think about shopping.

With the help of our amazing Dads (and a good team of professional floor installers), Brian and I have painted most of the house, pulled up the old green carpet, laid hardwood floors, and rearranged furniture. The place looks so different and truly feels like ours.

Everything was coming together nicely when we decided we wanted a couple of area rugs and a few other pieces to complete the transformation.

I was determined to find them used, but had no idea where to look.

Then, I read in the paper that a local furniture franchise was having a closeout sale on all of their rugs to make room for new inventory. I went to check it out and bought one of the floor models at a fraction of the original cost. It looks perfect in our living room.

And finally, on a tip from my yoga bud, Melissa, I stopped by a new furniture consignment store in Wexford called, “It’s New To Me” where I found the rest of the items needed to pull the rooms together.

I continue to be so grateful for this project because its forcing me to get creative and really work for the things I decide to bring into my life.