Intention Jars Now Availiable!


For the holidays, I didn’t have much money for presents and wanted to gift something that was creative and personal. I knew how powerful it was to take the time to sit and write down what I wanted in life, and because a new year was just around the corner, I had an idea to make intention jars. They were a hit! Every person I gave one to said I should make and sell them because they enjoyed the process so much.

So, I did and I’ve started a business called INTENTbyDESIGN! These jars make special gifts for those you care about or for yourself as an alternative to a vision board (or in addition to). They are great for Christmas or if you want to give a unique, homemade birthday gift. Each jar contains questions about desires, dreams, release, and cultivation. By answering them, the recipient will know his/herself better: the person they are and the one they want to be.

1 decorated, personalized jar
23 handwritten questions on patterned paper, including at least one personalized question

1 sealed wish

How to use:
Empty the jar of its contents.
Open the papers and answer (write) their questions.
Fold them and fill the jar with your intentions.
Seal it and place it somewhere you’ll see it regularly.
Open the jar on your next birthday (or the end of year) and see what’s shifted.

To order a jar, you may contact me directly at or visit my Etsy site, Each jar is custom made for the recipient; prices are $28 (including delivery) for those in the Los Angeles area or $38 with shipping.

birthday intention jar

birthday intention jar

new year intention jar

new year intention jar


One comment

  1. Julie Seiberling · February 3, 2015

    I love mine and am looking forward to seeing what this year may hold!

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